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5 Frame nucs will be in before the 25th of May. 

We at Tarboo Valley Wooden Ware & Honey Bees, pride ourselves with providing only the best quality Honey Bee Stock. This is why we mainly buy from one of the top Honey Bee Apiaries in Oregon.  We Transport your nuc hive ourselves to our apiary, to assure that they are handled properly and are sold in healthy condition.

NUCS : (5 frame)

What's a nuc?
A nuc (or nucleus) from us comes with 4 frames of bees and brood with stores, 1 gallon frame feeder with a cap and a ladder system to prevent drowning and burr comb..contain bee brood and eggs, in all stages of development, plus honey and pollen to feed the colony while in transit.
Our nucs include a young queen, that has gone thru two brood cycles with expert assessment and grading of her brood pattern before choosing her for sale. The nuc has workers and drones born from the queen mother in your colony. The workers and drones are already familiar with her, so there is no acclimation necessary for acceptance of the queen. Because your nuc is a mini-hive ( a small version of a fully established hive), the queen will still continue laying eggs while the nuc is in transit. The workers in your nuc are in all stages of development, from nurse bees, guard bees, foragers and everything in between.
A nuc colony can start foraging almost immediately, after transferring them to a regular size brood box in yo
ur apiary.

Old Sol Survivor Stock Nucs (Varroa resistant stock) (www.oldsolbees.com)

Our Old Sol Survivor Stock NUCS come out of Oregon and are transported by Old Sol to our location.

Our nucleus colonies come complete with:

A double vetted, mated, marked queen of that year
4 frames of bees and stores
5 frame corrugated plastic box
1 gallon frame feeder with cap and ladder system to prevent drowning and burr comb

These NUCS contain double vetted, marked survivor stock mated queens. (Double vetted means to make a careful and critical examination).  These queens brood patterns are assessed at least twice before they are selected for your colony.  This results in a more fully mature queen with much stronger pheromone signature.

Characteristics of Old Sol Survivor Stock!

All Queens are marked to make them easy to find and monitor her performance!  Low mite count!

Fly at cooler temperatures! Rapid build up of brood in the hive!  ​Excellent honey production!

Breeder queens are tested by the Bee informed Partnership!

Northern bred for winter hardiness and no Africanized genetics!

Selected for hygienic behavior!

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