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A little about us at Tarboo Valley Wooden Ware & Honey Bees

Growing up on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula our parents taught us how to live off the land. Back in the early 70's, there was talk about a possible sugar shortage. Our mother, who came through the Great Depression, had the insight to be prepared for the worst and bought her first hive of bees.

Over the next few years, she was always ready to catch a swarm at a moment's notice. Many times the family was called upon to assist in the retrieval of her bounty. Out of our mother's love of honeybees, many members of our family still also enjoy the hobby of beekeeping.  Our mother would be so happy to know that her love of honey bees has continued down through her great-great grandchildren.

About Frank and Gloria Neal: (Tarboo Valley Wooden Ware)

That same summer, we bought our first hive from a local bee keeper.  We continued working together as a family, chasing swarms and establishing new colonies of honey bees.  Our kids, who were in 4-H, took an interest in beekeeping as well.  Gloria stepped up to be the honey bee project leader in their local 4-H club.  She continued to lead the local 4-H bee club for another 15 years which included her grandchildren and great grandchildren.   With her love of honey bees, she now teaches hands on classes in her own apiary.  Please call her if you have any questions about Honey Bees.

After retiring, Frank decided to set up shop and fabricate and sell honey bee wooden ware.  His business has steadily grown and now he carries a great assortment of wooden ware, tools and hive suits.  He still finds time to help Gloria and his grandchildren out in the apiary.